What is trending on the TLCB Member Forum? This was just received from RockinRod: Wanted to pass on the news of my F4 from Udorn being dedicated on the 14th of December at Kittinger Park Orlando. Event is open to public, anyone interested. Joe was able to procure the aircraft from the Navarro Community College in Corsicana, TX a few months ago. I visited it there back in 2000...Moved it to Orlando, restored it and repainted the SEA camo paint back on her...And now rest on a beautiful pedestal... Wanted to pass that along, aircraft and ceremony being dedicated to all VN vets in Florida and around...

Welcome to the Thailand-Laos-Cambodia Brotherhood.

Our organization is dedicated to the valiant members of all service branches who served in this theater before, during and after the Vietnam War. Your service and sacrifice made more of a difference than you will ever know.

As you browse these pages please consider joining our brotherhood. We have many missions yet remaining and your assistance is sorely needed. Our contributions to fellow brothers and sisters, those we left behind in the countries we served and to our own nation truly make an impact.

We also invite you to browse our forum. You will likely spot a few old friends among the many photos posted there. Once you join you will be invited to post your own thoughts and photos.

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Why do we exist?

To provide a place of fraternal friendship , camaraderie, and support for any and all who will join our ranks and support our objectives.To preserve our history, sharing our knowledge to educate each other and the public about the specifics and overall scope of the war in Southeast Asia, especially as waged outside the borders of RVN, much of which was long held secret. To honor our comrades who did not return and to keep the memory of their sacrifices alive. To provide humanitarian aid to the needy people of Southeast Asia in memory of those who did not return from the war with us.