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  1. Bill,
    Thank you for the interview with Paul Berry. I can only pray that Charles Ray will have a change of heart and help us out for a change! Thank you for all your efforts and hard work

  2. William Wandsworth anyone help me . I was at iUTapao 72-73. 307 TMP. Looking for help with my AO. claim and anyone who served with me or was in motor pool at all. Have multple myeloma plus more.

  3. trying to locate information about agent orange exposure for my deceased husband who was stationed at Korat AFB between 1973-1974.

  4. Expeditionary force that set up radar site at NKP, Fall 65-Feb. 66. We lived in tents and ate from boxes. Just like a long camping trip. :-)

  5. 483rd GEEIA Sqrn, Korat RTAB 1967-68 TDY most of tour to all US RTABs and some remote sites. Installed the specially modified weather radar at NKP that was used to monitor Hanoi weather. Also installed special reflector grid at Ubon to help land badly damaged fighters coming from VN. Plus several other installations.

  6. NKP 69 56th services sq. food service had augmentee duty on perimeter looking for someone that I knew from the Commando Inn dinning hall in NKP

  7. TDY from 1ST MOB Clark AFB to Ubon RTAFB mid May 62 provided radio comm for Lion radar unit. Was there when Aussies arrived

    • I was also stationed Stationed at Udorn March 73 – March74 and was a 42450 aircraft fuel system specialist.. have a pic of you .. send contact info

  8. stationed at Udorn AB 432nd supply in 70 have been diagnosed with ischemic heart disease look for picture to support my claim of barracks or supply area. welcome home.

  9. As an EX TLC member & an ex RAAF UBON airman; I am trying to obtain a COPY of the 7th AF O Plan 427/66 “Mainland Southeast Asia Air Defense Region” Plan issued by 7AF in 1966…… CAN ANYONE HELP WITH A COPY OR A SITE THAT I MAY BE ABLE TO OBTAIN A COPY FROM????

    Kind Regards,

    Mal Ex Ubon 1968

  10. 635th SPS Tiger Flight, early Tiger 1974-1976
    Msgt Gregory was my Flight chief.

    looking for the rest of the guys I found only 1 or 2

    • Hey Bob! I was stationed at UT from October 74 to December 25th 75. Was sent to Malmstrom from there. Initially assigned to A-Flt and worked Alt CSC for a bit. Then finally assigned to Early Tiger in Bravo Pit. I am pretty sure we know each other.

  11. Anyone here stationed at Samae San from 68-70. The tank farm is where worked76W20. I’m looking for anyone who might have pictures of both.

  12. I’m trying to get pictures of Samae San and the tank farm where I was assigned as a POL Spec 76W20 back in 68-70. If anyone out there can help I would appreciate it.

  13. NKP 69-70 as a weapons loading line chief for the A26’s. Worked with a lot of great younger men and you have could see that they had a lot of pride in everything they did was there until the planes left. Went TDY to Ubon for a while then worked as a dispatcher for loading crews on sandies until I rotated to my new assignment in England

  14. I was in Supply in the 432nd at Udorn in 1966 and 1967. Pressing a VA claim now, (pending over 4 years now). Great AF achievements and great times were had by most.

  15. We are restoring to flight a rare A-26A aircraft as was stationed at NKP. While our volunteers labor away it would be great if we could listen to recordings from or similar to that aired at NKP around 66-69. We can get the music but the DJ and especially the airman advisory stuff would be great backdrop. If anyone has some or knows a source it would be wonderful.

    • If you can go to Facebook American Forces Thailand Network Larry and tell them what you are looking for. I feel someone will have what you need.

  16. DOes anyone have a good map of Camp Friendship that shows building number? Please let me know. I was there in 1973 quartered in bldg. S1340.

  17. I was POL at Utapao, Thailand. 1967- 1968. Helped with installation of the fuel bladders for the B52’s as well as other dispensing systems. Seems like yesterday!

  18. I am looking for anyone that worked 307th MMS in U-Tapoa Air Base . I need help proving that we worked close to the perimeter.

  19. Utapao 68-69 B52 mech in shop nights & NKP 73-74 620 Det 5(Invert) scope dope. Utapao ammo dump got hit near our hanger.

    • Dexter “Johnny” Johnson
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      I was working at the jet engine test cell on that night. We had to go down the “Ho Chi Min Trail” (so called) to the beach to get out of there. Lots of memories of thatcrazy night.

  20. I Was a462 with 432MMS @Udorn RTAFB 74-74. Does anyone remember when we lost the F-4 during a training mission? Please let me know.

  21. My father, Harry Boothe, was stationed at Camp Samae San in 1972. He brought his family over there in OCT 72 and we were involved in a baht bus crash in early NOV 72. I lost my left hand in that crash. Iam looking for the servicemen who stopped to render aid, thus saving my. I was bare 5 years old at the time. A couple of our guys were in a bus behind us and they got us to 11 USAF Hospital at U-tapoa Airfield. I would love the opportunity to find these men to personally thank them for helping to save my life. I have a rare blood type and they could only find 6 men in the area and rushed them in to donate as I had nearly bled out before arriving at the hospital. If anyone remembers this event I would love to hear from you. Thanks!

    • I was one of the emergency room techs the night you were brought in from the baht bus crash to 11 USAF Hospital at Utapao. We had our best people working on that incident. I had only been there a few weeks before being assigned in the ER when that crash came in, trial by fire. I worked the ER at Utapao from Oct 72 till Oct 74

  22. Looking for anyone who remembers Sgt Donald Hall. He was a Jolly Green flight engineer. Served out of Thailand in ’66 until their crash 2-6-67.

    I am a grandson and just wanting more details. Thanks

  23. my father served at USMACTHAI in 1969 and I am interested in finding out more about that era and Bangkok. I was 10. and went to an international school there. My dads name was James Jackson.

  24. Happy to join the brotherhood….only heard about organization thru friends at USO I volunteer…..Served USAF,,,Ubon RTAFB…base supply 70-71……well done all

  25. Looking for anyone who served Korat RTAFB and Camp Friendship Thailand 1962-1963. I served TDY with 57th Ordnance Co. Upon arrival, the perimeter was sprayed with herbicide and all herbicide was dead within a week. I trained the Thai military in the use of small weapons. I was ordered to spray within Camp Friendship and perimeter with herbicide from hand sprayers attached to reservoirs on the backs of jeeps. We all had to do guard duty. Camp Friendship would have been completely exposed to herbicide with the drift zone of herbicide spraying from Korat. Would be honored to provide a buddy statement as well. Also, had to travel from Hawaii (I was stationed at Fort Shafter) to Guam, to Clark AFB in Philippines, then to Saigon on a 707. Then traveled to Korat on a C-130. My passport was stamped at Clark but not in Saigon, searching for anyone who also traveled this route. The only way to Thailand was through Saigon at this time. Thank you for your service! Please email me at


  27. Was at Udorn, Hq 7/13 AF, Aug 70 to Aug 71. Chief Clerk & Historian Office. Looking for old 7/13 personnel during my time there.

  28. Udorn RTAFB 69-70, Ubon RTAFB 71-72 & Korat RTAFB 74-76. Have Non Hogkins Lymphoma possibly from AO used at Udorn. Anyone else out there with this.

  29. NKP May 1969 to May 1970 1St SOS. Crew chief on A1H&E acft Hobo squadron. LIke to hear from fellow airman who served during that time.

  30. I served in Udorn Thailand Aug 1974- Aug 1975 . I am trying to find members who served with me I worked at the Dental Clinic. any info provided will be appreciated. thanks
    Sincerely Veteran

  31. RVN, Thailand & Laos
    1967 thru 1973 Project 404 Withdrawal (lol)
    ‘To us and them like us – not many left! I tip my glass to you all.”

  32. found this site again,NKP 1970-1971.A1EJH 22sos.554th,Qu22b.1971-1972,Det 1 56sow T-28,1973-1975 56sow,EC-47 .retired live the Philippines.

  33. Just found this site. Served with 316th INTC Det from April 1966 to Jan 1968. Love to hear from former members. Served as NCO IC for Joint US/Thai military intelligence training program.

    • My father’s office was on Sukomvit Rd, and he had a job that sounds similar to yours. US MACTHAI? Joint Intelligence sounds familiar. His name was James Jackson and we were there 1968- 1969 . Might you have known him?

      • Danny, did you my brother Lee D Harley?
        He was a FAC , nkp, when he went down May 1966–still MIA. Would love to hear from you. Alice

  34. Just heard about you folks today. Thought I’d give you a shout. Danny Dugan A1c, NKP, TKL, Apr. 1966 to 1967

  35. With the 56th and 656th SOW. Was sent to Udorn to finish my tour. USAF May 75-July 75. Called me wizz’s instrument kid.

  36. I was with THE 556TH RED HORSE SQD. station at U-Tapao & NKP from 1966 -1967


  37. The newsletter came today and with it came the news of John Middlewood’s passing. The void left by his death will be difficult to fill. My sympathy to his wife and family and to the people he served.

  38. I hope all the NKP brothers and their families have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I spent Thanksgiving afternoon 1972 at the Asian Oasis Hq Sq bar with Jerry Keebler and Thai Taxi cab driver number 17 ‘Sipjet’. Wherever you guys are may God bless you.

  39. I attempted to purchase some items from the BX. I see one has to use paypal. I don’t have a paypal account nor do I wish to have one. Is there another way to order and pay for the items?