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About Us


Why We Exist

To provide a place of fraternal friendship, camaraderie and support for any and all who will join our ranks and support our objectives. To preserve our history, sharing our knowledge to educate each other and the public about the specifics and overall scope of the war in Southeast Asia, especially as waged outside the borders of RVN, much of which was long held secret.

To honor our comrades who did not return and to keep the memory of their sacrifices alive. To provide humanitarian aid to the needy people of Southeast Asia in memory of those who did not return from the war with us.

A secondary mission is to provide charitable assistance through endeavors that the membership may select from time to time. Financial assistance using TLC Brotherhood funds shall be limited to charitable causes or organizations and shall not inure to the benefit of any individual member of the TLC Brotherhood.

Membership is not restricted to military or former military, nor do you have to have been anywhere in Southeast Asia during the period of the war. Membership is open to anyone who agrees with our objectives and wishes to participate in our organization. We sincerely hope that you will consider joining us in this noble effort.

A Little Goes A long way...

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions for many of those we serve. Your generous donation is most appreciated.

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