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The TLC Brotherhood, an official 501c3 charity, established the Assistance Program to honor those we left behind. The Assistance program is divided into two separate entities, Student Assistance and General Assistance. 

The Student Assistance Program has helped with tuition for high school and college students in North East Thailand since the late 1990’s. It has helped a number of students from middle school up through university. The Student Assistance program will sunset around 2024 after the last current university student graduates.

The General Assistance helps people help themselves in a number of ways. It has provided food, sleeping mats, desks, eating and sanitary facilities for school children. Provided concrete to replace dirt floors, new roofing and lumber to repair old deteriorating buildings. While the TLCB provides the material all labor for the repairs is provided by the villagers and school staff. This involvement reinforces their ownership of the projects.

Our hope is to leave behind a true legacy of Brotherhood with the people of South East Asia.

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To learn more about our incredible Assistance program please contact our Assistance Chairman, Les Thompson, at his email address

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Self help programs help build schools and make repairs.


Our onsite Assistance volunteers lend a hand whenever possible and follow-up on projects to assure compliance.


We help with floors, roofs, seats and everything needed to help the children with a better learning environment.